In covenant, Father God continues to reveal who He has made you to be and what He desires you to have – those promised inheritances that belong to you. Are you receiving your inheritances and know your position and identity in Christ? Covenant will lead you to the grand story; the purpose of your life, to be in a covenant marriage, intimately loved by God. It’s time to live a life as an important member of the family of God. These films will give you greater understanding of your covenants and change your life!

Heir of God, click on any video and be encouraged to step into what has already been given to you. Upgrade your life to an exciting adventure discovering the treasures hidden for you to find.

Coming Soon

We are working on videos related to the Covenant that will provide greater understanding and insights as you read-along in the book. 

These videos are still in the creation process and will be available here and on our YouTube channel as soon as they are ready.

  1. Difference between old & new covenants
  2. Covenant Identity – Lion & Lamb
  3. Ancient Jewish Marriage Covenant
  4. Christ’s marriage covenant
  5. Christian marriage covenant
  6. The covenant benefits of the cross

Make your own video with you in it. See yourself in your story. God is painting a picture of your life and destiny. If you can’t see yourself in the picture, it’s not available to you.